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Welcome to the UK's Number 1 CSGO Community

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Baited was created for one purpose!

To host the best CSGO community competitive servers. Some of our features include:

  • Premium & Reliable 128 Tick Servers with DDoS Protection
  • 1 Gbps Networking on all servers + website
  • Weapons, Gloves & Knife Skins with a Ranking System
  • Custom Server Plugins, including VIP System


You'll find our store has competitively priced packages for every user who wants to invest in our community. With amazing perks you'll surely get rewarded for your purchase! Visit the Baited Store for more info.

Community Statistics

Our community is important to us, and we boast some amazing statistics:

Baited was created in 2017

Our Community is becoming one of the oldest alongside our massive array of servers and active members whilst we are still actively expanding!

750,000+ Unique Users

We have had over 750,000+ Unique and individual users visit both servers and website over the years in which we have been around, a lot of those members are still around today!

Active VIP's

With over 300+ Active VIP's we cater for everyone! With competitive pricing and VIP perks, we will convince you to invest in the community and stick around for some fun.

Powerful Servers

With continual development and planned updates to the server infrastructure alongside our light-weight plugins, you won't be dropping frames here!